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Frequently Asked & Questions

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An integrated collation system to power Education Sector Database of the Federal Ministry of Education (FME). It is designed for the Nigerian education sector to function as a national education grid. The model is concerned with monitoring studentship, keeping students basic academic record, tracking students academic instruments and information for forgery of any sort and the not so obvious malpractice of any kind and, verifying every certificate issues by a Nigeria authority
It is pertinent for you as a student in an Institution of higher learning to register with NEVS and move with the global trend technologically and hence overcome hitches experienced by non-users.
You can register with the Nigerian Education verification system (NEVS) by purchasing a scratch card which will grant you access to the portal, using your Education system number (ESN) and password.
The SNN is the Student's NEVS Number. SSN is unique for every student who is enrolled into NEVS. The same way your phone number is unique to you and nobody else has the same phone number as you, it is your unique identity name with NEVS.
You can get a scratch card at any commercial bank near you or at a NEVS data Capture centre, in your various Institution of study for two thousands Naira only (#2000).
You can register online or at any of our NEVS data capture centre in your Institution of study.
Your profile is secured with a 256 bit encryption algorithm. and can only be accessed by you. Your credential would only be accessed by a third party, if you grant them access via your profile setting, hence your data are absolutely secure.
All undergraduates in the various higher Institutions in Nigeria who intend to go into work force o pursue higher learning are eligible to register.
It gives you an Identity as a Student in a higher Institution.
It ensures your data is readily available with the Federal Ministry of Education.
It makes your data readily available to scholarship boards and potential employers anywhere in the world using your ESN (Education System Number)
You can update your profile by logging into your portal with your ESN and password.