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Certificate Verification

NEVS functions as a national education relational database specifically addressing the need for real-time accurate and secured students’ enrolment data. It also provides the call-up or retrieval of real time transcripts of tertiary education students.

NEVS features a secure state of the art security system required to acquire, deliver, monitor and validate students’ real time academic records

In addition to this, it functions as a relatable and administrative solution tertiary institution(s) can rely on for student enrolment records while organizations can rely on same for credential verification.

It has been time tested by demanding administrators and end users. In addition to its functional superiority, the NEVS software is also web-enabled and includes workflow, document imaging, advanced drill-down reporting capabilities with analytic abilities

In each institution a Data Acquisition Center (DAC) is setup with well trained and equipped staff, for capturing ACADEMIC & BIOMETRY data of students, other information such as attendance and academic performance, continuity of studentship, results, graduation and certification of student are collected, collated and validated into the system at all levels.

Students’ information such as admission status, attendance, and graduation as well as certification are made accessible to authorized persons, institutions, organizations, job recruiters and employers of labour in real time through our cloud-enabled software

To access this information, authorized persons of interest, institutions, organizations, employers of labour will requires a verification token

Who can verify certificate?

Lecturers 8
Parents 1
Institutions 1 Year
Employers of Labour Beginner
Government Agencies 50
Scholarship Boards Yes
NGOs Yes