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The Nigerian Education Verification Systems (NEVS) is an independent assessment platform put in place by the Federal Ministry of Education as a robust integrated verification and communication system to power a national converged database of Nigerian students’ education enrolment, academic performance and certification records in all tertiary and quasi tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

It is designed for the Nigerian education sector to function as a national grid of biometric and academic records.

It provides in real time, students’ enrolment, academic performance and graduation reports which in turn, provides statistical data and analytics for national planning, policy making and answers to queries from employers and other stakeholders. It is a fast, easy to use and cost effective system for all stakeholders including students and academic institutions who will use it to pull-up and transmit verified records among themselves.

In effect, it provides a new world class solution that collates tracks, manages and secures real time data of students. Its credibility emanates from its independence as well as its record safety warehousing and verification processes. Being a digital storage and retrieval system, credible real time records can be accessed from any part of the world. Providing document imagery and advanced drill-down reporting capabilities.

Having passed time tested demands by administrators and end users; this web-enabled platform is secured and reliable. It features an off-site breach-proof state of the art security system with a disaster recovery mechanism used to acquire, protect, deliver and monitor validated records at all times.

The Vision

To be recognized as a credible independent certification verifying agency in Africa maintaining a world class academic database of students.


  1. To eradicate falsification of results.
  2. To build a veritable recruitment database
  3. To maintain statistical data for critical developmental decisions
  4. To create a one-stop centre for verified certification.
  5. To maintain a relational database of biometric and academic records for institutions

Aims & Objectives:

We aim at maintain a reliable database of validated records of students in all tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

Our Values

We recognise the importance of the relationships and we value our relationships with all our stakeholders hence, we it’s built on a foundation of trust, transparency, honesty and fairness.

Our unwavering commitment and dedication to our vision is a constant reminder to keep improving on existing infrastructure.

Ownership Profile

NEVS Project is a product of CVIT a company with the penchant for creating value to internet users. In collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria represented by the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and National University Commission (NUC) have adopted NEVS as a policy.

In December 2008, a dynamic and highly intellectual CVIT team made a presentation to the Federal Ministry of Education and other relevant agencies under the Presidency on the need for a world class national education grid that would track and manage student’s enrolment and academic records nationwide in real time. A solution that will in-turn provide warning notification of potential lapses in certification, eradicate falsification of results, validate records, manage online resources and documents, providing technical support and security, build recruitment databases, maintain statistical data for critical developmental decisions and generate automated reports to stakeholders. This presentation first of its kind was adopted as an educational policy on the 30th of May 2011 under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure.

Today NEVS has, in effect, provided a new world class solution that collates, tracks, manage and secures in real-time accurate data of students’ enrolment, academic records, verification and validation of certificates and awards issued to all tertiary Institution students in Nigeria. This creates a central pool where accurate academic records of students can be verified in one place and in real-time.

Our Team

At NEVS we have worked carefully to select highly trained personnel of integrity to properly manage students’ enrolment, biometric data, academic performance and certification.

We aim to continuously train our workforce to enhance the existing expertise while we operate a staff nondisclosure policy that guarantees the security safety to some extent.

A digital revolution is underway with the ongoing growth in electronic storage and communications. Digital record security is fast changing more than ever before with electronic transactions playing a vital part in everyday life. NEVS operates processes that constantly tests our security firewalls in a consistent manner in order to enhance the safety plugs put in place.